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The blockchain technology application platform, that provides the best solution for accommodation

Bestay is now migrating to a new Polkadot blockchain

BESTAY is a fully decentralized platform that has been in development for 3 years, but it began as an independent Ethereum blockchain called BSY. The project is now migrating to a new Polkadot blockchain which is a federated blockchain alternative to Ethereum 2.0 - created by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood.

Bestay is powered by Polkadot

Trade at best price with the liquidity of the entire crypto market; - Earn the best return of staking, lending and yield farming automatically; Never share your private keys.

High-Performance Decentralized Platform

Bestay aims to rebuild the value system between hosts and guests restructure properties, managed by AI, IoT and blockchain technology.

The Best App for Booking Accommodation

Our community will be able to access the list and go through their entire booking experience from website, Android or iOS phones. Download Bestay now for the best booking experience!

BSY on Decentralized Exchanges

At the very first step, Bestay will list BSY (Bestay's token) on reputable and large exchanges. Then, we will be on CoinMarketCap.

Secure, Convenient, Low-Cost

All payments on the Bestay app will be done under the smart contract's protection. By applying Blockchain technology, payments will be maximized with minimum costs.

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on Polkadot

Blockchain is natively compatible with Polkadot, making it simple to secure your blockchain and communicate with Polkadot’s network.

Future - Ready

With on-chain upgrades, a light client-first design, and off-chain workers, blockchain is ready for whatever the future brings. Integrate the latest innovations using forkless updates and transparent decision-making.

Technology Stacks

Trade BSY, Earn BSY




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